Donate to Fund our next Golf Hero, we’re sure you’ve heard of fundraising with online platforms such as GoFundraise, GoFundMe or Everyday Hero. And if you have, we’re sure you know the many benefits of fundraising through crowdfunding. It can really assist you to see those much-needed dollars roll in when you need them most. Your community and supporters become the champions of your cause, fundraising for you, just like fundraising on other crowdfunding platforms, but with the added bonus of all donations being tax deductible. Think Movember for sport!

ASF is the only organisation in Australia to have Deductible Gift Recipient status for sports. This means that if you partner with us for your fundraising, all donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible. It’s a HUGE benefit for individual and corporate donors and makes fundraising a much easier task!

Community Fundraising helps ordinary Australians from all walks of life connect with and support the sports and sportspeople they love. It’s crowdfunding for sports lovers. Your community – schools, shops, workplaces, teams, individuals – join with your fans, members, and athletes to be part of your fundraising.

Over $150,000 was raised in just a few short months last financial year by people who cared about their sport, wanted to fundraise to help and connected their community to their sporting passion.