Golf in Indonesia

January to May is a great time to visit Jakarta and enjoy its golf courses. Jakarta is famous for its great-value shopping at more than 70 malls and numerous markets throughout the city. There are also some great offers to be had on the fairways, particularly if you are flexible with your travel dates.

Weekdays (Monday to Thursday) are quieter on Jakarta’s popular courses and many courses run special promotions on Mondays; “I Love Mondays”, “Monday Golf Fiesta” and “Monday Madness” are just three of the promotions running right now!

You can find even better deals if you play in the afternoon, which will often mean just teeing off after midday. Playing on a Monday afternoon is likely to be less than half the price of playing on a busy weekend and in some cases is even lower than that. The average green fee in the Bogor highlands on Mondays is just $31 and on weekdays in Jakarta’s prestigious city courses is $60. Most rates also include cart and caddy fees.

While the quality of the golf courses is just the same whichever days you choose to play, the experience can be even better when there are fewer players on the course. If you travel out to the wonderful courses south of Jakarta in the Bogor highlands, just an hour from the city, you may even have them to yourself.

All green fees include service charge, insurance and taxes, and most include both caddy fees and cart fees, but it is always worth checking.