Without TT Golf you travel on your own!

The benefits of Using TT Golf – Internet vs Us

‘How much will we save if we book our trip online?’

The answer is that you will be tied-up over a number of weeks or even months of organising venues, courses and managing people. The chances are that you are not experienced in this area, therefore taking significantly more time than an expert. The key to reducing costs is 1 delivery and 1 payment for ALL travel services.

But time and money are not the only considerations. By outsourcing your trip to TT Golf you are ‘buying-in’ a raft of skills and expertise.

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These include:

  • Knowledge and experience of best locations & venues for your trip
  • Experience in managing logistically challenging situations
  • Creative ideas for social and non-golfer partners
  • Purchasing power: ability to negotiate best deals on your behalf
  • Sourcing advantageous best deals with local suppliers, for example on accommodation
  • Language & cultural understanding of event destinations and the cross-cultural issues which may arise from a multi-national delegation
  • TT Golf operates an after hours emergency service 24hours 7days.

The next time you consider whether to outsource your trip, it is worth getting in touch with us to establish the very tangible benefits, not to mention the non-quantifiable benefits!

What TT Golf provides the Tour Leader with:

TT Golf will arrange the whole tour in simple steps, according to your request and without risk to you:

  • Professional flyer including application form, ready to distribute to your customers.
  • Posters in the club
  • Tour information night or day – powerpoint presentation
  • Original brochure from the hotel for the Tour Leader
  • For groups – the practice facilities reserved
  • Complete administration of the tour
  • Flights, accommodation, breakfast and green fees (subject to conditions) for the tour leader.