Online bookings cause confusion

 ‘The growth of airlines and the increase in Internet bookings means that the way holidays are sold has changed and there is much confusion amongst the public about whether their holidays are protected in the event of a travel company failure.’

Booking holidays yourself if you’re happy to do the research to find better deals, comes down to your appetite for research and need for control.

Overall, TT Golf will save you hours of research. For example there are so many accommodation options in Bali it can be hard to know where to begin. We cater to specific requests, respond quickly, we are attentive, friendly and personable. We also ask you specific questions, to help you with your decision-making.

Booking websites are a great tool as they often have costs and customer reviews on hotels and packages.

Benefits of booking with TT Golf:

  1. Professional and personal travel specialists.
  2. TT Golf are professional travel agents and are trained to make your entire experience – from start to end – hassle free.
  3. TT Golf tailor the itinerary to suit specific requests and find packages and products that suit your unique wants and needs.
  4. Customer advocacy. If you experience a problem while travelling, TT Golf act on your behalf, and is there to rectify any travel-related issues you encounter.
  5. Expert guidance. TT Golf are trained destination and product experts and know how to sort through the myriad of travel information available. Our knowledge and network means we have access to the best deals.
  6. Time saving. TT Golf has a world of travel information at their fingertips, saving you countless hours of online searching and frustration.
  7. Convenience. TT Golf is a ‘one-stop shop’ that can handle every aspect of your travel – from booking airline tickets, ground transfers, tours and activities to arranging travel insurance.
  8. A personal touch. TT Golf will ensure the accuracy of your booking details, advise with visa applications, assist with travel documentation, and provide valuable travel hints and tips.