Chicken in Burgundy from the canal boat’s galley.

I think it was a town between Accolay and Vermenton where we saw the chickens running around a paddock when we cycled into town, so asked for a local chook at the deli. Oh for a chook pen at home! I was inspired and cooked: Local organic chicken (A very big chook) cooked in stock with a variety of French mushrooms, leeks, garlic, onion, parsley, Chablis.
Strained the chicken (kept stock) and then heated chicken in fresh leeks
mushrooms, parsley and Chablis with cream. Served with cooked parsnips
drizzled with cream and parsley mopped up with baguette. We ate the whole
lot! Was a hit, cooked in the boat’s galley kitchen. The other half of
chicken ( a very big chook) cooked with olive oil in pan and then a little stock and left over veg in a casserole in oven for tomorrow.
To follow are local tarts from the Boulangerie in Accolay where we birthed
the night.

We moored at Bailly-Lapierre wine cooperative with an underground wine cellar on the Yonne river. You can tour the cellar at certain times. Unfortuneately we were not there at the right time and had to leave to make it through the locks, but stocked up on wine to go with our evening meal. Wine is the sport, culture and occupation of the Burgundy region we are told.

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